As long as I can remember, I’ve loved the power of pictures, artfully combined with the right words…

In grade school, the nuns dubbed me “the school artist.” It was the same in high school, at the University of Chicago Laboratory School. I spent summers at the Art Institute Junior School, sketching. At Columbia College, I studied advertising, photography, journalism, TV and film. After an incredible year working in the Eugene McCarthy campaign (including the infamous 1968 Democratic Convention), I got my first ad agency job, at Leo Burnett. There, I found writers were often considered the idea guys while art directors could be (unjustly) viewed as renderers or “wrists.” So, I came to declare myself a writer. I also came to passionately love working with great, creative art directors.

Often I have worked in behalf of what you might call “noble causes” that benefit society and also help to feed my soul. Some of the organizations we have served on a pro-bono (literally free) or very low-cost basis include The American Cancer Society, The Chicago AIDS Walk, The Boys & Girls Club of Illinois, The Salvation Army, Planned Parenthood, The Shriver Center For Poverty Law, and many others. serves both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations, so we invite you to call.

What we have done is not all we can do.
For a creative life to be well lived, you must to be able to build on the past, without having to repeat it. My team includes marketing experts of all types, so we can help you make all your creative communications more creative and more effective! We're great with everything from annual reports to complete campaigns, from billboards to fully-produced TV commercials and web videos. We invite you to call 312-399-6005 or email

FYI: My Cub Fan/Bud Man campaign helped Budweiser move from #5 in the Chicago market to #2 in just three years. It also caused Harry Caray to label me as, “The man who made Harry Caray famous.” I've also...

  1. Helped create the "listening" campaign that took Advocate Health Care from a literally no-name and non-existent brand to the #1 integrated health care brand in America.
  2. Authored and co-created The Salvation Army campaign, “We’re Fighting For A Better World."
  3. Created the song “The Ballad of The Chicago Bulls – Go On, Go On, Chicago Bulls” which was performed live for Phil Jackson, Michael Jordan and other players on The Oprah Winfrey Show. Oprah introduced it as "an instant hit."
  4. Wrote and co-created The American Cancer Society of Illinois campaign, including the recent TV spot – “You Were There.”
  5. Created and served as publisher and chief photographer for the "Oh, Brother!!!" Calendar, which was the first quality-oriented calendar to showcase the diverse beauty of African-American women.

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